How to Get Your Roof Ready for St. Nick

Monday, December 11th, 2017

This Santa guy might be nice enough to bring us presents every year, but have you ever noticed the damage he does to your roof? First of all, he lands a sleigh with thousands of gifts on your rooftop. That has to weigh a ton, right? And then there's all of these reindeer with their pointy hoofs prancing around on your shingles. Who does this guy think he is anyway?

Okay, so Santa might not be real, but winter really can do a number on your roof in Northeast Ohio. Damage from ice and snow is real—and if you don't take some steps to prevent the damage, you might end up spending money this spring to repair your roof. So what can you do to make sure Old Man Winter skips your roof this winter?

Make sure your gutters are clean before the snow hits.

When there is debris in your gutters, there is nowhere for water to go to drain out. That water becomes ice and when there is ice in your gutters, excess water has to find other places to go. Usually, that means infiltrating tiny cracks in your roof, and that can be really bad for your home.

Have an inspection done before winter.

It is much more cost effective to have someone come out and look for cracks, gaps, and missing shingles than it is to have an entire roof replaced in the spring. Schedule an inspection before winter hits to look for potential problem areas.

Install heat cables.

Rooftop heat cables help get the snow and ice off your roof before they even have a chance to form. It might seem obvious but the best way to avoid snow and ice damage is to avoid snow and ice—and heat cables help with just that!

Whatever you do—stay off the roof. Being on the roof can be dangerous and you can do damage to yourself and your home! If you have issues with snow and ice this winter, call RJK construction to remove snow and ice! Why do it yourself when we can do it for you—safely.

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