CertainTeed Sustainability Facts

Monday, September 18th, 2017

We have proudly used CertainTeed products for all of our roofing and siding projects and we do this to give our clients a superior final product on their home. One more reason we are so proud to use CertainTeed Products is because of their commitment to environmental sustainability.

CertainTeed Commitment to Green Roofing

CertainTeed is recognized as a leader in designing products that encourage responsible roofing practices, and even created a Roofing Responsibly™ program to support the recycling of roofs once they have outlasted their usefulness. The program also spurs the creation of innovative products that are environmentally conscious without losing any of the quality. Here are a few facts about what CertainTeed does to ensure a smaller environmental footprint:

  • Almost 90% of the waste produced in manufacturing their products is turned into asphalt and then used to construct roads.
  • CertainTeed recycles slag, stone granules, and corrugated mixed paper by re-using them into other products rather than sending these products straight off to a landfill.
  • They also provide products that can help reduce overall energy costs and thereby reduce the amount of CO2 produced to heat or cool homes and buildings. Examples of these products include the Solar Reflective Shingles Collection, the Landmark® Series shingles, and reflective technology to decrease the cost of cooling a home with metal roofing.

Our Commitment to You

We choose to use CertainTeed because we are committed to giving our clients quality roofing and siding, and to us that also means being conscious of the environment when we are making decisions about the next steps for your project. When you become part of the RJK Experience, you can be sure that our suppliers are just as committed to quality as we are. Let's have a conversation about roofing that is sustainable for you and for the earth.

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