How to Check for Storm Damage to Your Roof

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

While we're fortunately far enough north to escape most storms producing hurricane-strength winds, we do experience our fair share of strong spring and summer storms in Northeast Ohio. When a strong storm whips through, sometimes knocking out power or taking down trees, our first thought—after ensuring the safety of our family and those around us—is usually what will happen to our home. Once a storm has completely passed, take these steps to assess the damage.

Start inside. Sometimes the first evidence of roof damage is an interior leak. If you can safely access your attic, look around to check for leaks as well as light coming through where it didn't before. This can indicate a crack or a hole in your roof.

Walk your yard. Do not attempt to use a ladder to look at or walk around the surface of your roof, particularly on a multi-story home. Instead, look for evidence on the ground. Check for any broken roofing shingles or tiles that may have fallen to the ground due to strong winds and hail.

Take a look at your gutters. Gutters are easily accessible and visible—and if your gutters are dented or damaged from the storm, this is an indication that your roof likely is too. Keep in mind that loose shingles or other storm debris may be accumulated in your gutters, requiring you to have them cleaned to avoid potential flooding during the next rainstorm.

Call the professionals. After you've assessed the damage, call a professional roofing company. A roofing expert will be able to further assess the damage, recognizing both visible damage and damage that may have occurred to the structure and integrity of your roofing system.

When a strong storm strikes here in Willoughby or your Northeast Ohio neighborhood, call RJK Construction. Our team will take special care to ensure quality repairs while enhancing the durability and quality of your roof.

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