Planning Your New Roof

Whether you are choosing roofing materials as part of a new home construction or you are preparing for the reroofing process, there are many factors involved in planning for your new roof. Color and style are important, but certainly not the only elements in the process. Because RJK Construction primarily uses CertainTeed roofing products, our clients have access to more than 300 CertainTeed products. This many options may seem overwhelming, but when you work with RJK for your roofing installation, we talk you through every step of the process. We have broken down the roofing material selection process into primary categories.

      • Roof Design: If you are designing a custom home, roof slope is an important aspect of your roof design. While you and your contractor or architect will work to determine your roof design, keep in mind the benefits of steep slope roofing, often referred to as "residential roofing." Steep slope roofing products offer greater visual appeal than low slope roofing (more commonly used for commercial office, retail, and industry buildings), as well as have greater longevity due to efficient water shedding and exposure to less direct U/V.
      • Roofing Material: Before you choose the style or the color, you need to determine the material. A popular option is traditional asphalt shingles, which is the most used roofing application for residential homes. These range from dimensional shingles, dual-layered to create a thicker, multi-dimensional appearance, to premium shingles, which can provide enhanced aesthetic appeal with styles designed to look "old-world." Metal roofing is also increasing in popularity for its beautiful look, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. When selecting your material, you will want to consider what will best complement your existing home or the intended design of your new build.
      • Roofing Shingle Style: Once you select a material, you will then explore shingle style options. If you were to drive around town and look at residential roofs, you would likely see roofs composed of these three major categories of shingle products available in the market currently:
        • Strip Shingles: These are the most basic kind of roofing shingle and are recognized by their single-layered application, designed to look like slate. Because of their flat appearance and their lightweight composition, these types of shingles were originally the most available and most used roofing shingle in the market. Today they are predominantly used in the construction of economy priced homes.
        • Dimensional Shingles: You could say that dimensional shingles are the new strip shingles. These products are dual-layered to create a thicker, richer appearance—giving a multi-dimensional look to your home. CertainTeed offers a variety of colors and options for dimensional shingles. At RJK Construction, we've worked with many homeowners who have selected dimensional shingle products from CertainTeed for their roof installation.
        • Premium Shingles: Some clients are selecting premium roofing shingles for their new home construction or reroofing project. Premium shingles have an appearance different from traditional dimensional shingles. Many are specially designed to look like "old-world" roofing shingles, creating a warm, earthy look. These are popular with clients who are designing a custom home.
      • Roofing Performance:The material and style of your roof are important to your home's aesthetic appeal, but longevity comes in the roofing material performance. CertainTeed roofing products are known for their algae resistance, making them less susceptible to those black streaks that tend to develop on roofing shingles over time from algae build-up. They are also impact-resistant, due to strong construction that provides extra protection.
      • Proper Attic Ventilation: Not every roofing contractor offers clients the assurance of proper attic ventilation. If this is not done right during the roofing installation process, you could be replacing a brand new roof far earlier than anticipated. RJK Construction ensures proper attic ventilation with every roofing system we install.

When you need a new roof for your home in Greater Cleveland, call RJK Construction. We offer professional roof installation and repair, as well as attic ventilation, to residences, businesses, and apartments/condos across Northeast Ohio, from Willoughby and Mentor to Pepper Pike and Gates Mills.

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