Ice Dams: How to Protect Your Home from Damage

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 by Jamie Kirkland

This winter the weather in Northeast Ohio has gone through the extremes, from an abundance of cold and snow to mild and sunny.  The snow melts from the heat of the sun and the attic.  The snow on the lower part of the roof, or the eaves, melts slower because the eaves overhang the house and are not heated.  This can cause water to pool and create an ice dam.  More water can pool above the dam.  The water can get up under the roof shingles and into the wood sheathing causing water damage to your home, shingles and gutters. 

Ice Dam

If you have an ice dam, don't try to remove it yourself.  Resting a ladder against an icy gutter is a dangerous proposition.  There are many reported emergency room visits at this time of the year from homeowners attempting this repair.  The solution is calling a professional roofing contractor.  RJK has the expertise and experience to safely remove the ice from your roof. Before you fall, give us a call.

The spring is the best time to address the underlying issue that had caused the ice dam.  If you don't take corrective action, the ice dams will be back next winter.  Do you need more attic insulation?  Maybe your roof ventilation needs correction?  Do you have ice and water protection under your shingles?  Let our experts evaluate your needs and create a strategy to prevent these dams from forming next year.  Call us today for a free assessment.

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