Are Subcontractors Worth the Risk?

Your roofer uses subcontractors.  No big deal, right?  Or is it?  If a subcontractor is injured on your property, are you liable?  “But my roofer showed me his liability insurance and workers compensation certificates!”  Do you know that if your roofer uses subcontractors, these workers are not covered under the roofer’s insurance policies?

In fact, a subcontractor needs his own insurance coverage.  If the subcontractor treats each of his crew as sole proprietors and he considers himself one as well, then none of them need coverage.  So back to the original question.  If a subcontractor is injured on your property, are you liable?  Very likely.  And your homeowners insurance may… or may not… cover the cost of the suit.

So if you hire a contractor that uses subcontractors, have you seen the subcontractor’s certificates of coverage?  Most likely not.  Ask to see these.

Did you know that more than 90% of roofers use subcontractors?  Why?

It is less expensive than hiring their own employees.  Did you know that anyone working exclusively for one company must be classified as an employee, or they are breaking the law?  Are the subcontractors trained?  How much quality control does the roofer have over a subcontractor crew?  Unfortunately the answer to that is not much.

RJK Construction only uses our own employees fully trained by our managers and our manufacturers.  The higher costs are worth the investment, because our workers demonstrate their loyalty which promotes consistency and a greater quality of work.  They work with us every day so they know our expectations, and they work hard to produce the quality of work for which RJK is known.

Our employees are our most important asset which we share with you, the homeowner, to give you the best investment in your home.  Because of our commitment to our workers, RJK and our employees pass that commitment on to you.  That includes our commitment to safety that protects you and your family.

RJK Employees are OSHA Compliant

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