Protecting Your Investment

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 by Jamie Kirkland

The chase cover on your chimney is often overlooked when maintaining or replacing your roof.  Many of the older prefabricated chimneys have galvanized chase covers that rust over time.  These are flat pieces where the water will collect and create just the right conditions for rust.  Many times the chase cover was not installed properly.  The chimney cap that is atop of the chase cover can fall due to the loss of integrity to the steel.  The cap's purpose to prevent moisture, animals and debris from entering your chimney is compromised.  In addition, the rust from the chase cover can stream down onto the side of the chimney as well as the roof which will damage both. 

RJK looks at all the details that will make your new roof problem free, including your chase cover.  Don't replace your roof without replacing your rusted chase cover!  Many roofing companies neglect to inform you that this is essential to protect your new roof.  We offer a customized stainless steel rustproof chase cover with a reinforced sloped design.  This design allows the water to fall off the chase cover. Rust will not be an issue, and your roof and chimney will be protected.  Call us today for a quote to protect your investment!


Rusty Chase Cover

Stainless Steel Rustproof Chase Cover



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