What Does Your Bath Fan Have to do with Your Roof?

What does your bath fan have to do with your roof?  Most people do not realize that this is a big factor in the health of your roof.  Many homes were built with the vents exhausting into the attic or over the soffit.  Neither will allow the moist air to be completely removed from your attic space. 

So what's the problem?  If your bath or kitchen fans are not ventilated properly out of your roof, you will accumulate moisture that will affect the wood of your roof. The moisture will create mold and other organisms that will destroy the integrity of your wood and insulation.

To properly exhaust the water vapor, you need a vent that is made especially for that purpose.  It also must be securely attached to the vent in the roof.  We have found that some vents that were initially secured were not done properly and have fallen into the attic space or moved away from the roof vent opening.  RJK is meticulous with these kinds of details.  We can inspect your roof, your wood and your vents to be sure that your fan ventilation is proper and secure.  You will have the assurance that your roof will be healthy for a long time to come.  Call us today!

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Incorrect Ventilation

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