Fall is Around the Corner

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Fall is just around the corner, and the leaves will be falling on your roof.  The snow will not be far behind!

Is your roof ready for the change of seasons?  Does your roof or skylight have a leak?  Are your shingles crumbling so that winter ice and water will damage your home?  Perhaps your roof needs shingle or flashing repair. 

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Did you have icicles hanging from your gutters last year?  Proper ventilation can prevent this by allowing the heat to escape from the attic.  These icicles can cause leaking and damage to your roof, gutters and inside your home.

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Let us inspect your roof so that any repairs that you need to protect your home are made before the predicted “polar coaster” winter hits Northeast Ohio.  The last thing you want to do is get up on your roof in the cold winter temperatures.   For your peace of mind (and to prevent frostbite), call the expert roofers at RJK Roofing Solutions today! 


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