Why Do Flat Roof Maintenance?

Why Do Flat Roof Maintenance? - Image 1 

A roof system can be affected by ultraviolet light, rain, snow, ice, and wind.  Therefore, a commercial flat roof should be inspected twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, to check for damage and potential problems.  An inspection after a severe weather event is also a sound idea.  Proper maintenance will keep your roof watertight for the long term.  Water intrusion must be prevented since any small water leak can allow the water under the entirety of the roof membrane causing more severe water damage.

Your maintenance crew can remove debris from the roof, but a trained professional contractor will perform a more thorough inspection.  Most leaks occur around the flashing in such locations as a skylight, drains and other penetrations.

Why Do Flat Roof Maintenance? - Image 2

Others may be working on your roof such as HVAC or electrical technicians.  Walking and moving equipment without adequate protection such as walkway pads may affect the integrity of the roof.  A thorough inspection of the roof surface will help prevent any small issue from becoming a larger problem.

Do you have a warranty on your roof system?  Does your warranty require documented maintenance in order to preserve the warranty?  If so, any maintenance performed must be completed by a professional roofer so as not to void the warranty.

Regular inspections and proper maintenance can extend the life of your roof and save you money overall.  Don’t wait for the winter cold as the frigid temperatures will make the roof more brittle and more susceptible to damage.  Call RJK Roofing Solutions today to schedule your inspection before the snow flies!

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