A Dependable Company with Integrity: The Best Place to Work!

When hiring a contractor, do you want disgruntled employees working on your home? No, you want happy employees that enjoy their job and the company for which they work. What makes a happy employee?  Working for a dependable company that lives integrity in action and not just in word will tend to make the employee much happier.


Integrity demonstrates good character, honesty and leadership. These trustworthy actions lived daily form a great foundation for a successful business.

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When an employer demonstrates integrity and dependability to their employees in addition to their customers, they are honest and open in their dealings with everyone. The employer leads by example so the employees tend to follow in their footsteps. If mistakes are made, they own up to them and do their best to make them right. They are up front about financial issues that affect all involved. If someone has limitations, being honest so that modifications can be made is essential. The smallest of details to the largest problems are the focus of the team. They do not hide any of these issues. They work together with their employees to solve problems so that all may enjoy the benefits of a successful company. Integrity is the foundation to creating trusting and effective relationships with co-workers.


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RJK Roofing Solutions is dedicated to our founding principles of Integrity, Quality, Safety and Honesty. You only need to read our many customer reviews referring to our trustworthiness. Being trustworthy and dependable means we will do the right thing even when no one is looking. We give our team the training and tools to achieve this type of character building that we desire and encourage for all our employees.


Every day, we all have the opportunity to demonstrate integrity or the lack of it. The lack of work ethic may be more or less evident. It could mean short cuts, not using all the materials required for your roofing system. It could mean working only part of the day, having no motivation to put in a full day. It could mean an employer who makes poor decisions and does not pay the employee on time as promised. Lack of integrity can be demonstrated from the smallest oversight to theft and to deceit. Every lapse of work ethic diminishes the quality of the workplace for all.


RJK Roofing Solutions works to demonstrate and encourage the best in our employees. We strive to give our customers the best in service and quality. Call RJK Roofing Solutions for only the best in service, quality and integrity.



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