Snow is Coming to Town! Is Your Roof Ready?

It’s two weeks before Christmas, and the winter storms are coming soon! Now is a great time to ensure that your roof is prepared for whatever weather lies ahead. Having a trusted roofing contractor assess your roof is important in order to protect your home as well as extend the life of your current roof. Small issues can turn into large problems quickly. Damage can be avoided by simply scheduling an inspection and accomplishing the appropriate maintenance for both residential and commercial roofs before the weather takes its toll.

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A roofing contractor will check several key areas for issues that could cause greater damage if they are not repaired before the storms hit. On a residential home, common areas for leaks to occur include the flashing, valleys, and places with loose or missing shingles. The flashing, such as the flashing around the chimney, should be installed properly and completely sealed in order to prevent leaks during the winter months. If any shingles are already loose or missing, the winter weather can further damage the current shingles as well as the underlayment or plywood beneath them.

Another important step when preparing your roof for winter is to have an experienced roofing contractor look in the attic to ensure there is proper ventilation and insulation to keep you and your family warm during the winter. They should also clean debris from both the roof and the gutters to avoid build-up and overflow, which could damage the roof or the sides of your home. The contractor can also ensure that the gutters are fastened properly so that the heavy snow does not weigh down on them and cause damage.

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It is also important to have a roofing contractor inspect your commercial roof. Since most commercial roofs are flat, snow and ice will sit on the roof. If there are areas that are not properly maintained, this sitting snow could cause major problems. During the inspection, the contractor will walk the roof to look for issues such as open seams, cracked caulking or flashing, loose perimeter, and membrane punctures. An experienced contractor that is familiar with flat roofs will know when to identify any of these issues and how to repair them. Regular roof inspections are also recommended throughout the winter as the weather worsens.

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At RJK Roofing Solutions, we have both the residential and commercial expertise to identify small issues before they become larger problems as well as the experience to repair or maintain your roof in any way that will ensure that you and your roof are safe for the winter months. Call us today to schedule a residential or commercial roof inspection as well as an estimate for any repairs you may need!

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