Asphalt: The Roofing Solution

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Last summer, RJK Roofing Solutions had the opportunity to replace the roof of the Western Reserve Historical Society. Asphalt was seen as the roofing solution for this project because of its durability, curb-appeal, and ease of installation. It was the clear choice due to the complexity of the project. With the many unique design elements of this roof, such as the turrets, asphalt shingles were installed to ensure efficiency of installation and cost. Because of the history of this building, we wanted a roofing solution that would stand the test of time as well as enhance the visual appeal of the building.

The shingles installed were CertainTeed’s Grand Manor asphalt shingles in Gatehouse Slate. Our customer loved the option of getting a new roof with beautiful designer shingles that would catch the eye of those in the community. Asphalt enabled the customer to choose from a wide selection of color and style options. These beautiful grey designer shingles give the project a classic look. A section where the beauty of these shingles stands out is on the turrets. Any other material would not have looked as clean and polished as these shingles do in these unique areas of the roof as well as enhance the design of the roof.

Another benefit of asphalt’s performance is weather resistance. Any damage to a historical building could be devastating. Since the building is located in one of the snowiest parts of Ohio, durability was crucial. Both RJK Roofing Solutions and the customer were able to have the peace of mind knowing that the installed asphalt could stand up to high winds, snow storms, and ice build-up.

Overall, this project stands out among its peers. The quality of the asphalt shingles and attention to detail of all those involved ensure that the project is extraordinary. This project proved to have its challenges due to hard-to-reach areas, steep slope, and placement of complex sections. However, the roofers at RJK Roofing Solutions went above and beyond to ensure that both the quality of material and installation was superior. Although the project had difficult sections to install, the use of asphalt shingles significantly increased the ease of installation. Once the project was complete, our hard work paid off when we received outstanding comments from the customer regarding the installation and quality of the asphalt shingles.

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